When one teaches, two learn --Robert Heinlein

Tuition Centers

Enrolling in the children in Children’s Tutorial Centre.


52 scholarships awarded to meritorious students

Help by Volunteers

More than 12 volunteers assist each week.

Old age Assistance

"I will walk by faith even when I can not see" 2 Corinthians 5:7

Remember, everyone gets old.

India has around 100 million elders (people over 60 years of age) and the number is estimated to reach 323 million, or 20 per cent of the total population, by 2050


But who has been already suffering from poverty knows how extremely expensive to be poor and to be sick.


The World Health Organization estimates that by 2020, every family in India will have a cancer case; some others believe one in six or eight Indians will have cancer in their lifetime.


Our organization is doing this selfless job covering the country and 30% patients are living a secure life under our schemes.


We follow a tradition of untiring service to needy cancer patients from all over India, and providing a supportive society where people with cancer and their families live with dignity, and have the comfort of hope.

Vocational Studies

Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story- Josh Shipp

The need for vocational studies for the future.

According to the reports of the Financial Express “Only 15%of the young graduates passing out of colleges are employable; the rest are branded ‘unemployable’.”